Daniel Ares-López

ares lopez

Email: [email protected] | Office: AL 113 | Phone: (619) 594-1678

Daniel Ares-López received his Ph.D. in Hispanic literatures and cultural studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He specializes in Iberian cultural studies, environmental cultural studies, and literary and film eco-criticism. He is currently working in his first book project, tentatively titled Cultures of Nature and Iberian Wildlife in Twentieth-century Spain (1940-1980), in which he investigates how historical relations between humans and other lifeforms (including the scientific and intellectual discourses that framed these relations) have contributed to the configuration of modern cultures and societies in twentieth-century Spain. This project also proposes a theoretical revision of cultural studies and cultural historiography in the age of the Anthropocene from material-semiotic and socio-environmental approaches. Daniel’s publications on Iberian cultural studies, Spanish film and Latin American literature have appeared in Latin American Literary ReviewStudies in Spanish and Latin American Cinemas and in the volumes Ethics of Life: Contemporary Iberian Debates and Rerouting Galician Studies: Contemporary Interventions.